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You Have Goals

If you don't know where you're going, then we definitely can't help you get there. If you don't have clear goals, or you're not prepared to work to define them, please save your money.

You Have Passion

Building a presence online can be difficult. It takes a lot of work on the part of the business owner.

If you're not passionate about your goals, there's a high chance you will burn out, when things get tough. If you are not prepared for this, it may not be time to build a business.

You Have A Budget

It takes money to build and effectively market a business, charity or ministry online. Your investment with F.L.A. Creative for a WordPress website starts at $1000 and goes up from there. The average website investment is $2000-$3500.

If you're resources don't currently allow for this investment, we will be offering a DIY course and free training soon via our blog.

You Have an Audience

If you're just starting and don't have any customers, it's going to be difficult to get results. If you don't have an audience and haven't built your tribe yet, you should be prepared to build one.

You Are Comfortable With Internet Communication

To better serve our clients and to remain as productive as possible, most of our communication with clients takes place online via email and video chat. This ensures that we can fully focus our attention on your projects.

It also allows us to keep a written record or video recordings of our correspondence and assists both our clients’ and us in keeping track of the status of projects.

You Have Time

If we work together we will expect you to be fully engaged and attentive to your project. That means prompt responses and feedback, doing your homework and full collaboration will give us the greatest chance of success.

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